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The San Benito County Sheriffs Office is now accepting applications for the San Benito County Sheriff Explorer program. Being a Sheriff Explorer offers an opportunity to educate and involve youth in police operations. Through involvement, the Explorer program establishes and awareness of the complexities of police service and law enforcement functions. Besides gaining a working knowledge of police work, participants have the opportunity to serve the community. Many law enforcement agencies use the help of Explorers in areas such as crime prevention, traffic control, telecommunications, and community policing projects. Explorers will also have the opportunity to participate in a ride-along program. These activities are performed under the supervision of members of the sheriffs department and demonstrate that Exploring can have more than a superficial role in law enforcement.
In order to qualify as an explorer candidate, you must meet the following qualifications: Be 14 – 20 years of age,
be presently enrolled in school with at least a “C” average, have no serious criminal convictions, or be on probation or parole and be a resident of San Benito County.

If you are interested in becoming a San Benito County Sheriff Explorer you can stop by the Sheriff’s office located at 2301 Technology Pkwy and ask for an Explorer application or download below

Explorers are required to attend monthly training meetings, maintain a uniform and be available for special events and other police functions as needed.

Contact Explorer Advisor
Mari Landeros
San Benito County Sheriff’s Office
(831) 902-2276


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The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Search & Rescue Unit is formed for the purpose of assisting the Sheriff in search and rescue and to promote goodwill among the residents of the county and elsewhere. The unit may be called upon to assist in the location of lost children or hikers, to provide support at other missions at the direction of the Sheriff or his designee, and to provide assistance during times of disaster. This is a not for profit organization.
San Benito County Sheriff’s Office, 2301 Technology Parkway, Hollister, CA 95023
A signed affirmation that you have read and meet the minimum requirements for the Volunteer Search & Rescue Unit
For more information about this position, please feel to contact the Sheriff’s Department Search & Rescue Coordinator at


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San Benito County has agricultural commodities of more than $268 million annually and ranks at No. 28 in production value for the State of California. Agriculture is the largest industry in San Benito County. Roughly 32,000 acres are currently being farmed and 510,000 acres are being used for cattle grazing.

San Benito County has recognized that agricultural crime is an escalating problem requiring serious attention. Agricultural theft is a persistent problem in rural areas. The theft of crops, tractors, equipment, flowers, etc. has led to an estimated annual loss of $30 million to California farmers, according to the Rural Police Project. From the theft of these commodities to very expensive equipment used in the industry, there is no one area that has not been the focus of attention by criminals. It is said that only one of 10 farm crimes is reported, and the total annual losses are about $1 billion nationwide. Despite such figures, little attention has been given to a problem that endangers an entire industry.
AG truck
As part of this project, San Benito County has staffed one full time detective to investigate agricultural crime and is working with the District Attorney’s Office in staffing one part-time deputy district attorney. The focus will be law enforcement efforts on agriculture specific crimes and to work with the 12 other counties in Central California as partners in the growing strategy to fight this crime on a regional as well as local basis.

For more information contact the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crime Detective, Bryan Penney, at:


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